The Cards

Tabi Tabi Po CCG

Illustrations on the Tabi Tabi Po CCG are by SioPaoSpawn and RandomJan unless otherwise specified. Card layout by RandomJan. Text on cards are in Filipino with English translations provided on this page only.

To download the cards for free click on the thumbnail images. Click on the "zoom in" button on the shareapic page. Right click the full-sized image and save to your hard drive for printing on any color printer. (Options for hi-resolution PDF downloads will be made available in the future.)

001: Wir Wir
Elemento: Hangin / Air
Laban: Magsampa ng 4 pinsala sa buhay ng kalaban.
Attack: Deal 4 damage on opponent's life.
Gayuma: TAKOT (Ang kalaban ay hindi makakagamit ng anuman Gayuma o Laban sa susunod na paglusob.)
Spell: FEAR (The opponent will be unable to use any Spell or Attack in the next round.)

Card illustrations, layout and gameplay are subject to change.

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