21 February 2012

Tidbits of Research

Here are some tidbits I've learned while conducting research for this soon-to-be epic Filipino children's book fantasy series. Each of these things may play important roles in the upcoming novels. Hopefully they will help spark some inspiration in some of you to learn more about the mythology and folk beliefs of the Philippines...

Suku - a magic stone endowed with supernatural power usually given to heroes or gallants who have obtained the protection of some diety in the skyworld.

From the Manuvu tale of The Sweet and Sour Sisters:
Mepiya - good
Mebaat - bad

Rainbow - only in Western stories is the rainbow a symbol of luck and hope. In the Philippines, people regard the rainbow as an unfavorable omen for planting and other activities. (Hence the superstition: Do not point your finger at the rainbow or it will be cut off)

Betel-nut - the nut of the areca palm. Betel-nut is prepared for chewing by cutting into quarters, each piece wrapped in a betel leaf spread with lime. It was once used quite extensively in the South. Great significance is given to the chewing of betel-nuts before names are told or anything is duscussed. To refuse it is to refuse friendship. (Cole)

Santelmo - a bright ball of fire that bounces and rolls without burning anything. Its objective is to confuse travelers and cause them to love their sense of direction...



23 October 2011

Word Processors for Writers

I'm one of those writers who needs a word processor that can help me organize my thoughts in ways better than MS Word or Open Office can provide. There are many programs for sale made specifically for writers and novelists but many of them go for around 45 to 99 dollars.

As a broke artist, I need something that won't make me choose between having fancy schmancy software to write this novel on or eating for the next month.

Found these two freeware programs that seem like they might do the trick for me.

The first is Storybook which has a free and pro version. From the screen shots it looks clean, uncluttered, allows you to view multiple plot lines for your on-going novel, and has has functions to help you manage characters, locations, items, scenes, chapters, etc...

The other freeware is yWriter which was written by a science fiction writer from Australia. It is also clean, allows various views, and support multiple languages. I like how this software organically grew from the writer's personal need for a word processor that would put a method to the madness of his writing thoughts and shared is with others who are having similar problems with other mainstream word processors.

I am downloading both products now and hopefully one of them will help me progress further in these novels. The first three books are already living and thriving in my head... Now to put them to paper. Maybe either Storybook or yWriter will aid in this process.



19 May 2011

Changes Ahead

My apologiesto those who have already been reading so far. I've decided to delete the first few pages that were uploaded so far because, as unpublished stories go, major evolutions happened to the characters and storyline which I could not ignore. To accommodate the changes, I had to completely rewrite the first chapter of the book which I think will only help the narrative as it goes on further down the line.

While deleting previoulsy published posts may go against the spirit of the "online novel" I feel like the changes I have in mind will be for the better. Thanks for understanding and I hop you will enjoy what we have in store...


06 November 2010

Card 001: The Wir Wir

The Wir Wir is the Philippine version of the werewolf. A shapeshifter that is human by day and wolf by night -- usually triggered by the full moon.

Ang Wir Wir
Elemento: Hangin / Air
Laban: Magsampa ng 4 pinsala sa buhay ng kalaban.
Attack: Deal 4 damage on opponent's life.
Gayuma: TAKOT (Ang kalaban ay hindi makakagamit ng anuman Gayuma o Laban sa susunod na paglusob.)
Spell: FEAR (The opponent will be unable to use any Spell or Attack in the next round.)

The Wir Wir card is the first in the Tabi Tabi Po CCG. It is quite powerful because a successfully cast Gayuma (Spell) using this card during gameplay will render the opponent's actions useless in the next round.

SPOILER ALERT! (Highlight the text below to read)
In the Tabi Tabi Po online novel, the Wir Wir makes it's first appearance in the first book, Into the Grotto, and makes an unlikely ally for Santi in his quest to free his grandfather from the Diwata's enchantment.

Download the Wir Wir card for free by clicking on the thumbnail image. Click on the "zoom in" button on the shareapic preview page. Right click the full-sized image and save to your hard drive for printing on any color printer. (Options for hi-resolution PDF downloads will be made available in the future.)



Book 01 Blurb

Tabi Tabi Po Book 1: Into The Grotto

Santi's grandfather is missing! His cousins may not have cared for him much but Santi always loved his crazy Lolo's stories of magical beings around the old house in Malabon during family lunch on Sundays. His parents and aunts and uncles are starting to give up hope of ever finding Lolo Edgar. Santi is about to give up hope too... until he meets a mysterious creature from Lolo Edgar's stories who may hold the key to finding him!

Book 1 of the Tabi Tabi Po online children's novel is tentatively entitled "Into the Grotto."