06 November 2010

Card 001: The Wir Wir

The Wir Wir is the Philippine version of the werewolf. A shapeshifter that is human by day and wolf by night -- usually triggered by the full moon.

Ang Wir Wir
Elemento: Hangin / Air
Laban: Magsampa ng 4 pinsala sa buhay ng kalaban.
Attack: Deal 4 damage on opponent's life.
Gayuma: TAKOT (Ang kalaban ay hindi makakagamit ng anuman Gayuma o Laban sa susunod na paglusob.)
Spell: FEAR (The opponent will be unable to use any Spell or Attack in the next round.)

The Wir Wir card is the first in the Tabi Tabi Po CCG. It is quite powerful because a successfully cast Gayuma (Spell) using this card during gameplay will render the opponent's actions useless in the next round.

SPOILER ALERT! (Highlight the text below to read)
In the Tabi Tabi Po online novel, the Wir Wir makes it's first appearance in the first book, Into the Grotto, and makes an unlikely ally for Santi in his quest to free his grandfather from the Diwata's enchantment.

Download the Wir Wir card for free by clicking on the thumbnail image. Click on the "zoom in" button on the shareapic preview page. Right click the full-sized image and save to your hard drive for printing on any color printer. (Options for hi-resolution PDF downloads will be made available in the future.)



Book 01 Blurb

Tabi Tabi Po Book 1: Into The Grotto

Santi's grandfather is missing! His cousins may not have cared for him much but Santi always loved his crazy Lolo's stories of magical beings around the old house in Malabon during family lunch on Sundays. His parents and aunts and uncles are starting to give up hope of ever finding Lolo Edgar. Santi is about to give up hope too... until he meets a mysterious creature from Lolo Edgar's stories who may hold the key to finding him!

Book 1 of the Tabi Tabi Po online children's novel is tentatively entitled "Into the Grotto."